Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft’s got a new mobile keyboard, but you won’t find a Windows key anywhere on it. You will find a “Command” key though, and a little switch that toggles between Windows mode, Android mode, and iOS mode. It’s a keyboard that aims to turn any tablet into a Surface. The new Universal Mobile Keyboard isn’t just a Bluetooth keyboard; it also has a detachable cover that doubles as a one-size-fits-all stand. You can throw any tablet in here to have it act as your single-angle screen while you bang out some emails. I got to play with one of these for a few minutes and the keys felt nice and had a satisfying click to them, but the top row is shrunken down to half size, which makes deleting a little rough if you’re a typo-heavy typist like me. Nothing you couldn’t get used to though.

Read the full story at Gizmodo.

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