Indiegogo Forever Funding

Indiegogo is expanding beyond temporary crowdfunding projects and into hosting permanent crowfunded businesses. In the next few days it plans to launch “Forever Funding”, a source close to Indiegogo confirmed to me. This will let creators raise money indefinitely rather than having to set a date for their campaign to stop. Indiegogo announced the pilot program for funding without a deadline in a blog post titled “Continuing Your Success on Indiegogo”. The Forever Funding model is for companies who’ve already met their funding goal and want to keep raising money. The pilot will feature a select number of campaigns, including real-life photo filter Tens and lost item locator Tracker R. Indiegogo did not specify the fee it will charge, so it’s quite possible it will use the same 4%. If the pilot is a success, Indiegogo will likely roll out the feature as an option to any campaign that’s met its goal.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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