5 Apps You Need to Get the Job of your Dreams

Working your tail off for years and finally graduating from college is one of the most satisfying feelings ever; you’re entering the adult working world and going to get the best possible job you can get with the degree you worked so hard for, right?

A nice thought, but HOW? College teaches you how to do the job, but not so much about how to get the job. Sifting through the classifieds, going to job fairs, emailing resumes and then playing the waiting game … it’s enough to make you quit before you start.

Luckily, we live in a beautifully technological age in which there are an infinite number of career finding tools at your disposal. Career search engines, networking and job sites are a great way to begin, but there are five other ways to search that will save you time, in addition to covering a lot more area for job availability. You can do it on the go, because your phone is going to do the work for you.

Anyone looking for a job these days needs all the assistance they can get. Using one of these five job seeking apps guarantees finding employment, and it may end up to be the job of your dreams.

Career Search (iOS, Free)

Backed by LinkUp (one of the largest job seeking search engines), Career Search helps people looking for a job by enabling them to research jobs for over 1,000 careers. You can peruse salary information for a particular job, as well as look for job availability in certain locations using keywords that will help you narrow it down. The app will also tell you where certain jobs are in specific locations.

TweetMyJobs (Android and iOS, Free)

Votes Best Mobile Job Searching App for 2013, TweetMyJobs is a job search and recruitment tool that takes social media to a whole new level to help you find you a job. A user can enter in the location he prefers to work in, the occupation that he is interested in and the position he is looking for. He then has a choice of whether he wants the information sent by email, text or Twitter. When the user receives job information, he is also sent instructions on how to apply for the job.

HireADroid (Android, Free)

While it’s great to use a job search engine, it can be time consuming to do it one at a time. With HireADroid, you enter in your search terms and the app hits Indeed, SimplyHired, LinkUp and CareerBuilder all at once. You can save searches for later, as well as maintain resumes that you have customized.

ResumePro (Android, $2.99)

ResumePro lets you construct .PDF resumes while on the go, right from your cell phone. By answering a few questions and filling in some blanks, the app produces a professional resume for you; in addition to .PDF, you can save it in a Word document format. You can then take your resume and email it to prospective employers.

InterviewPro (iOS, $1.99)

Loaded with eighty of the most-asked interview questions, this app trains you on how to ace an interview. On the left side of the app’s screen, there are sections on team dynamics, communication skills and others. Each section is then broken down into segments such as verbal skills, difficult people, manager conflict, etc. Click on a segment and on the right the app will give you information about what questions you will be asked, and what you should do in response.

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