Piano practice and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have entered the 21st Century through a brand new iPad app. Tonara Wolfie for Piano offers tools and dynamic scores to enhance the student/teacher dynamic during (and between) lessons. Featuring a score-tracking cursor, digital score playback, teacher and student recordings and more, Wolfie aims to improve music reading proficiency while encouraging and rewarding practice. The app includes more than 750 scores, spanning all difficulty levels.

Wolfie is the newest app in the Tonara Prodigy Series, which aims to redefine how we learn, practice and study music. The app complements traditional learning, practicing and playing by making piano practice more engaging and effective. This is done through revolutionary new technology, including:

  • ‘Magic’ score tracking – A cursor on the iPad screen tracks your place as you play, regardless of tempo changes or mistakes. This helps focus attention, improve music reading and maintain tempo.
  • Teacher and student recordings – Instructors can record passages with or without attached text notes to demonstrate teaching points for use during lessons or student practice sessions. Students can also record their practices and send them to instructors for feedback.
  • Instant score navigation – A score-synchronized recording feature makes it possible to touch the relevant note in the score to advance the playback to problematic passages.
  • Digital score playback – A MIDI playback feature that accompanies every piece in the Tonara library allows students to hear how a new piece sounds before they start learning it and – in the case of compositions for multiple instruments – practice playing with the accompaniment even before actual group practice.
  • Student feedback and rewards – After practice sessions for each piece, Wolfie for Piano displays a shareable infographic showing accomplishments such as the length of practice, average tempo, most-played pages and practice trends over the last month. Students also earn merit badges for practice time, consecutive practicing days and piece completion.

Wolfie also provides a digital catalog of all downloadable Tonara-enabled pieces for browsing, and stores your sheet music in a single location that eliminates the need to carry multiple books. The app also offers a digital annotation system.

Tonara Wolfie for Piano is available to both teachers and students in one-, three- and nine-month subscriptions beginning at $14.99/month.  A trial version including downloads of any two titles in the Wolfie for Piano catalogue is available free of charge. For more information, visit Wolfie’s website or Wolfie’s Facebook page.

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