Ask anyone who uses Twitter what their biggest gripe about the service is, and the answer may very well be DMs. Direct Messages (DMs, aka private messages between users) are a part of Twitter that ‘power’ users have been hooked on since before WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and other billion dollar-valued mobile messaging apps even existed. And yet, the feature was buried inside Twitter’s Web and mobile apps for so long — the company once even considered dispensing with it altogether. Times have changed. DMs have been in a state of upgrade for some time — try sending links right now, many people can’t — but, as MG Siegler points out writing for TechCrunch, the company is finally talking about its plans which suggests an upgrade is arriving imminently. Siegler lays out the compelling case for the revamped DM service and its potential to “maim” email, but there’s more to it than that.

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