U.S History Apps

U.S History Apps

Before Fourth of July fireworks and cookouts commence, students of all ages should have a clear understanding of why we celebrate Independence Day. These mobile apps not only chronicle the events and sacrifices that preceded the birth of our nation, but also provide in-depth looks into U.S. History!

American Revolution Interactive Timeline for iPad (Free iPad)

Timelines in history class are as cliched as students complaining about memorizing dates. However, timelines provide an invaluable tool to show younger students how history unfolds. The Revolutionary War didn’t just start in April of 1775; there was a very important series of events that occurred to build up to such a moment in history. This app allows for in-depth interactivity with its timelines, sharing key objects, art, weapons and documents.

Curated by Rob Wellen

AP U.S. History 5 Steps to a 5 ($9.99 iPhone)

Through an engaging flashcard program that is especially well suited for the iPhone, McGraw-Hill’s AP U.S. history test prep app presents all of the information that may appear on the test. Review every category before embarking on a full-length multiple choice test. Assessment is clear at its conclusion, leading students to directed review. Don’t forget that the multiple choice exam is only part of the text! Remember to improve essay writing skills away from the device.

Curated by Abby Nowakowski

American History Books ($0.99 Android Tablet)

This app includes eBooks designed to provide an overview of different historical events and significant figures. American History Books has a text on “American Independence,” “Christopher Columbus” and “National Monuments of America.” Each book is narrated, so elementary schoolers can follow along as they hear the stories read aloud. The books all include colorful illustrations to support the information on the page.

Curated by Monica Burns

Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere’s Ride ($4.99 iPad)

This app makes an important part of early American history, Paul Revere’s ride, come to life in an appealing and thorough way. It presents loads of meaningful information in a fresh and engaging manner that elementary school students will love. Two animated hosts, Ansel and Clair, help walk kids through the historical events highlighted in the app, providing context and navigational cues. The app offers a wide range of information about Paul Revere’s life and times during the Colonial period, significant events like the Boston Tea Party and the beginnings of the Revolutionary War.

Curated by Leslie Morris

Genius US History Quiz ($1.99 Android Handheld)

Students are able to review U.S. history facts in this engaging and well-designed game. As kids progress through the app, they can earn points and progress through levels based on their achievements. Each section of this engaging game begins with a short overview of the era to be covered and after each question is answered, a brief description of the person or event covered in the question is displayed.

Curated by Keith George

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