Nikki Kaufman doesn’t think our ears get enough attention. Headphones come in a hundred shapes and sizes, but almost none of them are made to fit you. But Kaufman, a founding member of Quirky, a New York-based inventions lab that specializes in 3D printing, thought she could do better. On Tuesday, she announced a pair of 3D-printed earbuds called Normals with the tagline “one size fits none.” With Normals, no two earbuds are alike — not even your own. Normals are far from the first custom earbuds on the market, but most will cost you several hundred dollars, and getting fitted can get messy. “The doctor squirts silicone in your ear, you clench your jaw for 10 minutes, and three to six weeks and $500 to $2,000 later, you get a pair of custom in-ears,” says Kaufman. “It’s cumbersome and inaccessible to everyday consumers.”

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