When Aereo was deemed illegal by the Supreme Court and paused its service last month, it seemed as if the TV streaming service was out of options. But on Wednesday, Aereo lawyers filed a letter with a New York district court indicating that the company now considers itself a cable provider. It now believes that it should not have to stop its services because, if it can obtain a license, it is entitled to the same protections under the law as other cable providers paying royalty fees. The letter comes a week after CEO Chet Kanojia called on subscribers to petition lawmakers to change existing copyright laws. That makes it the backup, backup plan for the company that said it would be finished if the Supreme Court did not rule in its favor. When the Supreme Court handed its ruling down in favor of the broadcasting companies in June, it largely based its decision on the idea that the company was equivalent to service provided by a traditional cable provider, not merely an equipment provider.

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