Philips and Salesforce Health

Philips and Salesforce

Apple has its HealthKit, Google its Google Fit; and now Salesforce and Philips are getting into the game as well with a cloud-based platform could help doctors track data from a multitude of devices. The two companies want to extend the Salesforce1 platform so that developers can write new apps that take data from different sources — MRI scanners or heart monitors, for example — and integrate it in a secure way while complying with privacy laws. Philips has already used the new platform to build its first two apps, Jeroen Tas, head of Philips Healthcare Informatic Solutions group, said today in a press conference. Healthcare is one of the most promising fields for wearable computing and the Internet of Things. Today activity monitors like the Fitbit are mostly marketed to fitness nuts, but soon these types of devices could chronicling ill patients keep tabs on their health and gather vital data.

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