EA at E3

Mirror's Edge

Continuing our coverage of E3 2014, here’s everything that EA announced at its annual press conference on Monday. EA gave attendees a look at “early in-game footage” for Star Wars: Battlefront, before promising more details in “spring 2015.” A short mini-documentary showed how developer DICE has been examining the original Lucasfilm assets and locations from the Star Wars movies to maintain authenticity in its next video game. It’s too soon to make any real comment on the game, but it shows EA is at least interested in preserving the heart of the Star Wars franchise. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest in Bioware’s high-fantasy epic franchise. All-new gameplay footage showed the player taking on – yes, you guessed it – a huge mythical dragon with other party members. Combat was all in real-time, with some impressive lighting effects for both magic and fire.

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