Google Glass

Google Glass

You’re feeling a little depressed, aren’t you? How about a bit of Hershey’s chocolate to cheer you up? Your stress indicators are off the charts. Did you know Marie’s massage parlor is just a three-minutes walk from here? These are just a couple of the conversations your wearable gadget could be having with you in the not too distant future. Yes, they seem like one-way conversations. But in fact, it’s perhaps not too far-fetched to think that wearables like Google Glass might one day be able to communicate with your brainwaves in order to give you what you really, really want. And need. And are desperate for but just don’t know it. There are already various companies developing technology that will scan your brain, process the information, discern your every last feeling — good and bad — and attempt to satisfy you in ways you didn’t think possible.

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