Smartphone prices have been creeping ever downward in the last few years, and ARM is betting that they’re going to go even lower. AnandTech is reporting from ARM’s Tech Day on Tuesday, and one of the company’s slides predicts that the cost of a phone with a single-core Cortex A5 chip in it will go as low as $20 within the next few months. Of course, these ultra-low-cost phones won’t be devices tech enthusiasts lust after. ARM notes that even a $25 phone like the Firefox handsets announced at Mobile World Congress has to cut down on RAM and other specs to hit that price point, and it’s unlikely that something with such low specs could run something like Android satisfactorily. More expensive phones like the $179 Moto G will still be necessary if you want that full smartphone experience on a budget.

Read the full story at Ars Technica.

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