There’s a quiet riot happening on Spotify. Silence is gold for a band that’s urging fans to continually play an album of total silence, earning royalties to fund a tour of free shows. Sleepify by LA funk band Vulfpeck consists of ten 30-second tracks of complete silence. The idea is that fans put the album on repeat and repair to bed, the tracks repeating all night thus racking up the plays and raking in royalties for the band. The boys in Vulfpeck reckon they earn around 0.5 cents per play and around $4 for your night’s spinning. So far each track has spun around 3,000 times. It isn’t just a cash grab, though, as Vulfpeck plan to use the money raised to fund a tour this autumn consisting only of free shows. Spotify data will also be used to schedule the tour, taking the tour bus to locales where the most people have been listening to the band.

Read the full story at CNET.

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