Netflix and Comcast

Netflix and ComcastNetflix performance on Comcast, which had been deteriorating for months, finally got a little better in February according to Netflix’s latest speed rankings. Netflix streamed at an average of 1.68Mbps on Comcast in the US in February, up from 1.51Mbps in January. The average on Comcast was above 2Mbps as recently as September, but it had gone down each month until Netflix decided to pay Comcast for a direct connection to its network.¬†Netflix and Comcast announced that deal on February 23, but the direct connection had been established at least a couple of days before that. Still, most of February likely passed before the companies started exchanging traffic directly, and not all Netflix traffic is going over the direct connections yet. Thus, average performance could increase more significantly in March and beyond.

Read the full story at Ars Technica.

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