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Amazon PrimeAmazon on Thursday announced that the annual price of Amazon Prime will increase from $79 to $99 next month, and though it’s still arguably the best deal in tech, it’d be nice to get one more year at the old price. At first, it seemed that there was no way for current subscribers whose subscriptions weren’t expiring before April 17 to renew in advance at the old rate, but it turns out there’s a clever workaround: First, disable auto-renew on your Prime account. (Although it currently seems like Amazon might have temporarily removed the option to cancel your membership online.) If you’re having trouble, you can still follow the rest of the steps and cancel your auto-renewal at a later date, either when the option is restored or through customer service. Then, purchase a gift subscription for $79. Finally, set it to deliver to your own email address on the day that your current year of Prime lapses.

Read the full story at Lifehacker.

Shelly Palmer Says: Caveat: Amazon appears to be offering certain subscribers their next year’s renewal at the current $79 price. See below.

Amazon Prime Renewal

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