Samsung Chromebook

Samsung ChromebookGoogle’s intentions with its Chromebooks have always been clear: disrupt Microsoft’s Windows monopoly. The approach of low-cost devices and a modern cloud-powered OS has left Microsoft a little nervous, but Google is now launching the next stage of its continued attack: the enterprise. In a deal announced quietly this week, Google is partnering with VMWare to bring traditional Windows apps to its Chromebooks. The apps will appear in Chrome OS “similarly to how they run today” according to Google, and VMWare’s cloud-based infrastructure will help companies run their essential apps on servers and stream them to Chrome OS and other devices. The announcement comes just days after Google announced a Chrome-powered teleconferencing system for the enterprise. Google’s Windows app solution isn’t perfect, and many businesses will prefer native apps running on a Windows machine due to performance, security, and other concerns, but the company’s timing is everything.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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