House of Cards

House of CardsBetween the surprising affordability of 4K TVs and Netflix and Amazon’s commitment to delivering 4K content, the future is clearly ultra high-def. That’s great. But it’s also going to wreak havoc with your broadband data caps. Welcome to the age of the home internet overage fee. Based on our tiny survey asking how often people blow through their data caps, it’s clear that most people either aren’t aware that the exist or aren’t worried about them. And that’s fair! Many of you don’t have a cap, and even if you do, you either don’t go over or your company doesn’t enforce it. But that’s likely going to change soon, especially if Comcast successfully acquires Time Warner Cable. If and when they start enforcing that 300GB per month limit, 4K is going to make you blow through it in no time. Here’s some quick back of the napkin math to show just how bad it could get.

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