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Paper -- stories from FacebookFacebook’s new standalone app Paper is now available for download on iOS to everyone in the US, and it’s more than just a content reader. Paper has messages, notifications, search, and a completely redesigned profile. When I asked the team leaders behind Paper if they still used the old one, product manager Michael Reckhow diplomatically responded “mmhmm, yeah”, but designer Mike Matas just smiled coyly. I pounced, repeating my question just to him. “Once in a while”. He’d spilled the beans. Paper could be a Facebook killer. “Mostly I use this [Paper]” Matas continued. “There’s some features that it doesn’t have like if uhh….Events is a good example, like if I need to go find an event.” I pressed, “But otherwise you’re finding this does enough?” “For my usage, yeah”, Matas replied.

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