AT&T Launches Mobile Share Family Value Plans


AT&TIt seems like everyone is going “un-carrier” these days, slowly branching out from the standard two-year contracts that have dominated the US smartphone industry for the last few years. Today AT&T announced a new “Mobile Share Value Plan” for families and small businesses, which gives both new and existing AT&T customers the opportunity to share unlimited talk and text and a 10GB pool of data starting at $130 a month. AT&T’s pricing table indicates that you’ll be paying $100 for the 10GB of data and $15 for each phone you connect—three lines will run you $145 a month, four will cost $160, and so on up to a total of 10 lines for $250 a month. New-to-AT&T customers who want to take advantage of the new pricing will either need to sign up for AT&T’s Next program, bring their own unlocked devices, or buy phones at the standard unsubsidized price.

Read the full story at Ars Technica.

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