MalwareNeal Hindocha, a senior security consultant for Trustwave, has built proof-of-concept ‘screenlogging’ malware that monitors finger swipes on smart devices in combination with taking screenshots, painting a picture of exactly how the user is interacting with their phone or tablet. Hindocha’s concept malware logs the X and Y coordinates of any swipe or touch. Speaking with Forbes, Hincocha says it wasn’t much hassle to get the code running on jailbroken iOS and rooted Android devices, and that it’s possible to get it working on regular Android smartphones, provided they are plugged into a PC – for example, while charging by USB. Trustwave was examining financial malware on the Windows platform and wanted to see if similar methods could be applied to mobile. Keylogging has been a typical component for financial Windows malware, and there are apps that already log keyboard inputs on smart devices.

Read the full story at Forbes.

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