Gold iPhone 5s

Gold iPhone 5sApple on Tuesday was granted two iOS device-targeted patents, one for a “touch and hover” display panel that is made more accurate by compensating for signal drift, and another for heart rate monitor that can be seamlessly integrated into a handset. The newer of Tuesday’s patents, Apple’s extensive U.S. Patent No. 8,614,693 for “Touch and hover signal drift compensation” describes a system in which a touchscreen display can accurately determine both hover and touch events. A number of modern computing devices, like Apple’s iPhone and iPad, incorporate touch-sensitive panels that enhance and define the user experience by affording unprecedented GUI manipulation and control. Some systems also incorporate what is known as “hover” controls, which allow users to interface with a device without actually touching it. Using specialized internal components, these touch sensitive devices can recognize an object hovering above a display panel, like a user’s finger or stylus.

Read the full story at AppleInsider.

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