Uber Taxi

Uber TaxiUber wants get more drivers using its service by making it more affordable for them to buy a car. The cab-hailing app maker is partnering with Toyota and General Motors to offer Uber drivers discounts on new car purchases, Chief Executive Travis Kalanick said in an interview. It’s also working with lenders to give them more favorable financing terms, he said. As Uber expands to dozens of new cities, its ability to offer rides to more customers is constrained by a limited supply of chauffeurs. By making new cars cheaper, the company hopes to enlist new drivers who couldn’t previously afford to buy a car–and also make it easier for limo businesses to expand their fleets. The deals with carmakers and lenders are part of a broader push to add more than 200,000 vehicles to Uber’s network over the next two years, Kalanick said.

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal.

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