Turntable.fmTurntable.fm has been struggling to stay afloat, and it’s now looking to live, streaming performances to help it get back on track. Turntable Live is the company’s new service, and it officially debuted on Tuesday night at 7PM ET with a performance by the folky pop outfit Beat Radio. While you might see hints of Turntable.fm inside Turntable Live, the new service looks a whole lot different: you have to buy a ticket to watch each show, and all of the music is performed live by an artist at the company’s studio. How viewers interact is a lot different too. There’ll be a chat room, and the band is expected to interact with it to some extent during the show as though it were chatter from an audience at a live concert. That live concert experience is one that Turntable seems to be hoping to somewhat replicate.

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