iOS 7

iOS 7The iOS 7.03 update that Apple released on Tuesday completely fixes Apple’s iPhone 5S sensor problems. As I reported early this month, Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S — and 5C — were experiencing significant sensor malfunctions. In my testing, they were consistently 2 degrees to 3 degrees off, and others had significantly worse results. Those issues had real-world implications, as many games depend on the phone’s sensors to indicate when a player wants to turn or move. On Wednesday a little bird (who works at Apple) told me to check the ReadMe file for today’s Apple mobile operating system update, iOS 7.03. That same bird, who couldn’t or wouldn’t comment on “sensor-gate” earlier, was giving me a broad hint which I didn’t understand until a few moments ago, when I lined up all the iPhones in my possession to test the devices’ sensors post-iOS 7.03.

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