YahooYahoo will begin offering a new ‘Not My Email’ button this week that gives owners of newly claimed, previously dormant, user names the ability to ‘return’ messages that were not meant for them. This is part of Yahoo’s ongoing efforts to mitigate any potential harm that may come from its recent ‘user name recycle program‘. In order to continue providing tools to prevent these newly minted owners from getting the previous users’ email, Yahoo is doing a few things including the new button. The button, which will be easily accessible from the Yahoo Mail inbox, will allow users to reject mail that isn’t theirs. This will function in a similar manner to the way you can put a ‘not at this address’ message on physical mail that comes to your house by mistake. The program, which allowed people to claim names that were deemed dormant by Yahoo, came under immediate skeptical fire for its potential to be harmful or dangerous to the privacy of the previous owners of the names.

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