Sen. Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz
Don’t be ‘that guy’ at work. The one who makes it difficult because you can.

I apologize if you can’t read this. It’s tough to get in a word around Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Texas Republican spoke on the Senate floor for over 21 hours to protest President Obama’s health care law. How does one talk for almost an entire day? By chatting about anything imaginable: health care, politics, Dr. Seuss and, yes, White Castle cheeseburgers.

In the wake of Cruz’s speech, we now have headlines like: “What’s Ted Cruz’s Deal?” and “Ted Cruz Embraces ‘Wacko Bird’ Label.”

Yep. On Capitol Hill, Ted Cruz has officially become ‘that guy’ — the person who makes life more difficult just because he can.

Are You ‘That Guy’ (or Girl) at Work? Take the Ted Cruz Challenge and Find Out!

If any of these traits apply to you, then it’s time to make the necessary adjustments. The world doesn’t need any more of ‘that’ behavior.

1. Insist on always having the last word.

2. Argue insignificant details not central to the project.

3. Way too cheery, even if you’re stuck working on a weekend or deep into the night. NO ONE IS THAT HAPPY. COME ON!

4. Incapable of telling a story in a reasonable amount of time.

5. Everyone’s rattling off jokes at lunch and then you drop one that’s way over the line and kill the vibe.

6. Can never find anything on your desk; constantly losing or misplacing things.

7. USDA-approved, Grade-A, 100% brown-noser.

8. ALWAYS late to meetings. Like…always.

9. Leave the office kitchen a mess and often forget about old food in the fridge.

10. You’re the ‘O Face’ dude from “Office Space.” Yep, THAT guy.

11. Talk WAY too much. Just… all the time… constantly. Talkie McTalkerson over here.

12. Become super involved in the office softball or kickball team and talk about it morning, noon and night.

13. Exclusively date co-workers. Drama ensues.

14. Super loud on the phone. People around you can’t think straight — and they’re all wearing headphones.

15. Manage to always enter the conversation late and ask, “What did I miss?”

16. You get completely hammered at the office happy hour, make a fool of yourself and call in ‘sick’ the next morning.

17. Threaten to quit once a week but never do.

18. Wear the exact same thing pretty much every day.

19. Eat smelly food no one can stand and/or reheat fish in the microwave.

20. Do what you want when you want because… well, who’s gonna tell you to stop?

Every office has ‘that guy.’ Don’t be ‘that guy.’

Don’t be Ted Cruz.

A message from the Normal and Pleasant Workers Union of America.

Of the 20 types on this list, which one do YOU work with? Any traits I missed? Share below!

(This content was originally posted at News to Live By.)

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