TwitterDeclan Dineen says it was initially just a “stupid idea on a Saturday afternoon” but he decided to give it a go. In January, the 32-year-old, who lives in Glasgow, posted on his blog: “I want to meet all of the human beings who follow me on Twitter. I’ve made a list, I’ve been at it for a week. I’ve met 5. It’s been terrific.” But he also expressed the same note of caution which might occur to many of us. “But what if they’re a psycho?”Declan wrote: “People generally aren’t psychos. 99% of the people you’ve ever met have been good people. “Some of them may have been stupid or ignorant or boring or smelled bad, so you wouldn’t want to hang out with them more, but none of them were a danger. “Even if they were, so long as I didn’t die it would make the story even better.” Convinced he was not in danger, the part-time magician and film script writer set out on his quest. Eight months later, he has managed to see almost 150 of the tweeters behind the tweets. However, the rules have had to change a little. Firstly it was impossible to meet all his followers because some were not real people, they were spam or a promotional tool for businesses or shows.

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