Google Working on Universal Translator

The concept of the universal translator — a device that can fluidly convert any spoken language to that of the user – has been a sci-fi staple since pretty much the beginning of the genre as we know it today. The first known mention stretches all the way back to 1945, and it’s taken on all manner of forms — from ubiquitous hand-held devices to psychic fish that wriggle down your ear canal. For whatever reason, the concept of such a device has always been taken as an unrealistic flight of fancy — a machine that would be wonderful if it existed, but which was sadly beyond all conceivable grasp. Those days may soon be at an end. Google is said to be developing just such a device through one of their “moonshot” programs, and according to BGR is actually on the verge of a practical breakthrough in the field. Could this put an end to language class as we know it? We say, “oui!”

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