Tim Cook

Tim CookIn a new interview published by Businessweek this morning, wherein Sam Grobart sits down with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and SVPs Craig Federighi and Jony Ive, Cook comments on a number of things, including the comparison that’s often made between the trajectory of Windows and Mac early on, and the current heading for Android and iOS. “Microsoft kept things the same, and the level of fragmentation wasn’t as much,” Cook told Grobart in the BW interview. “There weren’t so many derivative works out there with Windows.” The quote is addressing the commonly-made comparison between Apple’s early progress in desktop computing and its current situation with mobile; Microsoft made Windows available to any OEM partners, leaving PC hardware to other companies while focusing on software, whereas Apple wouldn’t license its Mac OS (except for a brief, and failed experiment), and built devices in-house married to the software they themselves engineered.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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