AppleCare+Apple made a change to its AppleCare+ plans recently, around the time that the new iPhones were announced. It now allows you to get your iPhone, iPad, or iPods serviced in any country that offers AppleCare+, not just your home locale. This change means that if you’re traveling with your device, you’re able to get service in another country if you purchased AppleCare+ back at home. Previously, you would have to have that service performed where you purchased the plan if you wanted it to be covered. Note that not all replacement or repair offerings are available in every country, because many countries don’t carry stock in certain iPhone models. The CDMA iPhone 5, for instance, is not available in Brazil and can’t be replaced there. If there are other rules that govern AppleCare+ in those regions, those will also apply. But, for the most part, travelers will get more options for repair and replacement now.

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