What Does Your Tablet Say About You?

The tablet you use says a lot about who you are… and vice versa.

Let’s play a game.

Do you see that woman over there watching Perks of Being a Wallflower on her tablet? Yeah, the one with the Vera Bradley handbag and Star Magazine? We’ll bet you her tablet is a Nook.

What about that super tall 30-something guy leaning against his sports car over there? The one Tweeting on his tablet about the new 3D action movie he just saw? If anyone here has a Google/Android tablet, it’s that dude.

And that middle-aged mom with the cat leaving the Verizon store and getting into her SUV? See that tablet she is using to read Perez Hilton? There’s a good chance it’s a Kindle Fire.

(Read the rest of this piece at Forbes.)

About John Dick

John Dick is CEO of CivicScience, a next-generation, polling and data mining utility based in Pittsburgh, PA. CivicScience is a next-generation, polling and data mining company. The company partners with hundreds of premier websites to survey millions of anonymous people every week. Proprietary technology then rapidly analyzes consumer opinion, discovers trends in real-time, and accurately predicts market outcomes. CivicScience is used by leading enterprises in an array of industries including marketing research, advertising, digital media, financial services, and political polling. For more information, visit civicscience.com or follow them on Twitter @CivicScience.



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