RithmFrom the team behind MavenSay, Rithm is new iOS app that lets you send songs to your friends. No, this is not new territory — services like Stereotypes, Melod.io, Soundwave and even Spotify’s messaging feature sit in a somewhat similar space — but to date there has never been a hit messaging app centered around songs. This is that gap Rithm’s creators believe it will fill, and that’s why the app has been described to us as ”Snapchat for music.” The comparison to Snapchat is debatable. Rithm is not ephemeral; and yes, it’s easy to hate X for Y startup descriptions. But even with these points in mind, Rithm’s light-hearted entrance as a messaging service centered around music has something surprisingly addicting about it. Put simply by its creators: “music can be an awesome way to communicate with friends.” We agree.

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