NetflixAsk Netflix Vice President of Product Innovation Todd Yellin what makes the streaming giant special, and he’ll start telling you about algorithms, test groups and suggestion engines. “It’s the revolution of TV,” he explained to us at E3. “They used to send out a TV show and then they’d have no freaking idea who was watching it, how much they were watching … it was just Nielsen diaries.” A woefully inaccurate way to track content consumption, Yellin suggested. Netflix, on the other hand, can tell what folks are watching, when they are watching it, for how long and even on what device. Netflix uses all this information to offer users extremely specific suggestions and categories based on their recent use. The problem is, many families share a single account, and all their different tastes mix into a nonsensical mess. “You and your wife might have very different tastes,” Yellin explained. “Why can’t you have a profile, and she has a profile?”

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