Windows 8

Windows 8After passing 60 million license sales in early January, Microsoft says it has now sold over 100 million Windows 8 licenses. The company has been rather quiet about its risky product bet recently, choosing not to disclose numbers during the recent quarter and the software’s own six month anniversary, but that radio silence has finally ended. The figures are almost identical to Windows 7’s early sales performance, with the company originally announcing its 100 million goal for that particular OS on April 27th, 2010.  Recent figures from IDC and Gartner confirm that the traditional PC industry is in decline, and Microsoft’s flat Windows revenue during Q3 supports that somewhat, but the company is still managing to shift licenses. While the numbers don’t paint the whole picture, only showing retail and OEM license sales, the fact they match Windows 7 is encouraging at this early stage. The real question is whether Windows 8 is pushing demand for touch-based Windows machines. These particular devices are still missing on retail shelves, and a number of them are too pricey compared to the non-touch laptop alternatives.

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