Office 365

Office 365Microsoft announced Office 365 Home Premium has passed the 1 million subscriber mark in just over 100 days, making it the best-selling Office edition yet. In fact, the new suite has been selling at more than one subscription every second on average since it launched. Microsoft notes that Office 365 hit the 1 million number faster than other popular Internet services, including Hulu Plus, Spotify, Dropbox, Facebook, and Foursquare. On the one hand, none of these services are comparable to an Office suite. On the other hand, most of them are either free or related to media consumption, which many consumers value higher than productivity software. Microsoft naturally sees this as confirmation that Office 365 is a hit: “At its core, Office exists to help people get things done, and people tell us they are choosing the service because it delivers full Office, it keeps them always up-to-date and it’s a fantastic value.”

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