Wireless internet provider Boingo offers specialized apps for every major phone or computer platform, but iOS users now have the moderate advantage of being able to sign up almost instantly through their iTunes account. The latest version of Boingo Wi-Finder for iOS includes the option to buy Wi-Fi as an in-app purchase, rather than getting access with a Boingo account. Unlike the general $7.95 Boingo mobile subscription, the plan appears to be iOS-only, with unlimited use on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for $7.99 a month.  The goal is pretty clearly to lower the barrier to making Boingo payments — the above pop-up message appears the first time you launch the app, asking if you want to set up a recurring monthly subscription. For users who don’t want the plan, it’s still possible to sign in with an ordinary Boingo account, but it’s a quick and decent option for iOS aficionados who are planning long-term use.

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