Arrested Development

Arrested DevelopmentNetflix’s next potential customers may be on the Pirate Bay right now, looking for a copy of the latest season of Arrested Development: Copies of the show went up on various torrent sites just hours after Netflix released all 15 episodes of the fourth season on Saturday night in its entirety. Around 100,000 people have downloaded episodes of the show within the first 24 hours alone, according to TorrentFreak editor Ernesto, who has long tracked downloading stats for popular movies and TV shows. That number is considerably less than some of the numbers he has seen for new episodes of popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, which saw a million downloaders for its April season premiere in a single day. New episodes for shows like Mad Men, Revolution and Teen Wolf all have seen higher download numbers as well, but it’s worth pointing out that many of these shows aren’t available through legal services until the day after they air on TV, if at all.

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