Apple TV

Apple TVWhen questioned on stage at the D11 conference about Apple’s current standing in the TV market, CEO Tim Cook provided some new sales figures for the company’s Apple TV set-top box. “For several years we were selling a few hundred thousand,” Cook said. “We’ve now sold over 13 million. About half of those in the last year.” That would mean the company has sold approximately 6.5 million units over the last 12 months. “That business has found many many more customers,” Cook said. Apple has long described its Apple TV product as a “hobby.” As for what’s in store in the months and years to come, Cook unsurprisingly remained vague. “I think many of us would agree that there’s lots of things about the TV experience that can be better,” he said, claiming Apple has accomplished “some of those.” Pressed further on where Apple may take its TV business, Cook opted to refuse further comment, teasing only “there is a grand vision.”

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