Google Fiber is Coming to Provo, Utah

Google Fiber

Google FiberGoogle is bringing its gigabit, fiber-to-the-home network to Provo, Utah, a little over a week after it announced that it was taking its ISP dreams to Austin, Texas. The announcement was made by Provo Mayor John Curtis on Wednesday, and a local Provo site has a nice run down on why Provo is the next stop on the GooFi express. Those reasons include an updated web site, attributes the city shares with Austin, such as universities, and the fact that Provo previously attempted to build a fiber to the home network. Provo was home to the UTOPIA project, a municipal fiber to the home effort that experienced financial troubles and was later sold to Veracity, a private company. Apparently, those network assets changed hands about a year ago and were purchased by the city. That means the city is working with Google to provide the underlying dark fiber.

Read the full story at Giga OM.

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