job-offersI hadn’t heard of a similar multi-offer “problem” for about 4 years.

Of course I can almost hear other friends who have been looking for work for more than a year saying sarcastically: Problem? What problem? Yet he owes himself, his family, and the eventual employer to select the best option before he immerses himself enthusiastically in the job.

Here’s his problem.  

The least desirable offering is likely to be made first and the best offer last…probably 3 weeks later. Of course, each company will want an immediate positive answer.

While I thought that my friend was one in a million, a July 25th Fortune article titled The Return of Multiple Offers tells me that 5 to 10% of executives, especially those who can prove results, are still able to chose from multiple offers.

Here’s the best advice I could give. The objective is to accelerate the preferred offer and keep the other companies offers open.

  • Tell your favorite company that you’re “afraid” that you’re going to get an offer from another firm before you’re scheduled to hear back from them. While you must not be perceived as trying to pressure them, you want them to understand that you really hope that you’ll receive their offer before you have to respond to the other company.
  • Of course, let them know the minute you have a verbal “competing” offer and again when you receive it in writing.
  • Tell the other companies that you’re thrilled about their offer, but need to talk it over with your family. Tell them that you’re excited and looking forward to receiving the written offer. Schedule another in-person meeting in a week to discuss the job requirements.
    • Be careful not to be perceived as pressuring or setting up a competitive bid situation, or you could lose these offers.

You have about 7-10 days to play this “game.”

About Richard Sellers

Richard is Chairman Emeritus of the Marketing Executives Networking Group, founder of Demand Marketing consulting firm, and former Sr. VP of Marketing for three multi-billion dollar companies: CEC, WLP, and Service Merchandise. His early career was at GE, P&G, Playtex, and Marketing Corporation of America. He’s also a volunteer counselor for SCORE assisting small businesses in upstate New York. You can follow his communications about marketing, job search and careers here and at mengonlineENTREPRENEURS QUESTIONS, and on Twitter at @Sellers_Richard.



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