Shelly Palmer Radio Report – December 9, 2010

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Ever worry that upon passing, your social media presence would be underwhelming? A new website called 1000 Memories was created to help families and friends share memories of those who have passed away. Who would you trust to be your social benefactor? In other news, The WikiLeaks drama over the past few weeks has people arguing for the free flow of information versus a threat to our national security. A group of hackers protested against MasterCard’s block on processing donations for WikiLeaks by committing a massive denial of service attack on their website. While the attack caused no internal harm to MasterCard, should this attempt be considered activism or shenanigans? And finally, The Xbox Kinect is continuously being modified in the most creative ways imaginable. Recent hacker Takayuki Fukatsu rigged two Kinect units that manipulate the video in real-time to create an invisibility cloak effect. It’s not Harry Potter, but this little experiment shows how consumer technology is moving closer to the cutting edge.

About Zach Superior

Zach Superior graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for television writing, but spends most of his time in HTML editors and Photoshop.



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