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Now that Yahoo is leasing Microsoft search technology, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said that the company will focus on developing other properties. Bartz noted that the former search company will invest their split of the search money in display ads and mobile services. When you take away the window dressing, there are now two search companies and three portals. The reality is reflected in the price of Yahoo’s shares.

Michael Arrington is set to unveil his own PC tablet in November. The much hyped CrunchPad was developed by TechCrunch technologies, along with help from Singapore’s Fusion Garage, and will feature a 12-inch touchscreen pad. The device, which does not come with built-in storage, will retail for $400.

The FCC is investigating Apple and AT&T’s decision to reject Google’s Voice application for the iPhone. Both Apple and AT&T claim that the Google Voice app was rejected because it “duplicates features that come with the iPhone.” The FCC is investigating as to whether or not Apple and AT&T rejected the app on the basis of it encroching on its wireless business.

Despite slumping ad revenue, the Washington Post Company managed to earn $11.4 million for the quarter. The content and publishing company noted that print ad sales were down 20% year over year, however, its education division’s business earned $649.3 million, a 13% increase. With ad sales and sales of magazines and newspapers down, the company, which is in the middle of restructuring its operation, is now heavily relying on both its cable tv division and its education wing to earn a profit.

Judd Apatow’s Funny People took the box office this weekend grossing roughly $23.4 million. The film, which stars Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan, was well received with critics, however, the film earned the lowest of any number one film at the domestic box office so far this summer. Despite a massive marketing campaign and a host of celebrity cameos and bit parts, the film did not earn as much as Knocked Up, Apatow’s previous film, nor Sasha Baron-Cohen’s Bruno, which grossed 23% more than Funny People in its first weekend.

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