iPad mini BUT Big Sales
While it’s pretty much decided by the rumor mill, the pundits’ lounge, the Taiwan-leak machine, and well-informed geeks and nerds everywhere that Apple is going to A.) have a media event on September 12th, and B.) announce a new iPhone, a smaller iPad, and maybe even something new for the TV market, it now appears Continue Reading →
Best Buy
Best Buy on Monday announced that former Carlson boss Hubert Joly will take over as chief executive officer beginning next month. The retail giant’s former CEO, Brian Dunn, stepped down without warning this past April after the big-box retailer hit a rough patch and said during its fourth-quarter earnings call that it would shutter 50 Continue Reading →
Microsoft did request for Google to remove over half a million links from its search index in April this year alone, according to the most recent figures released by the search engine giant. Google’s data showed that most of these links will send folks who click on them over to websites that sell pirated Microsoft Continue Reading →
Originally Posted at New York Videogame Critics Circle I am walking along one of two creeks that cut through the city of Austin, Texas. The grackle birds are cawing loudly, proudly singing. It is early morning, and some of the homeless people who live along the trail are sleeping or just rising. In the water, Continue Reading →

Our Faustian Bargain

All technological change is a trade-off. I like to call it a Faustian bargain. Technology giveth and technology taketh away…Our unspoken slogan has been “technology über alles,” and we have been willing to shape our lives to fit the requirements of technology, not the requirements of culture. This is a form of stupidity, especially in Continue Reading →
Re-syndicated from New York Videogame Critics Circle It’s a bit of a horror story, an American horror story, and I’m not talking about the new television show about to premiere on the FX network. In the past week, what can only be described as terror has struck fear in the hearts and minds of many Continue Reading →
For years, digital start-ups looked to advertising as the magic bean that would pay the bills and drive their valuations. Over time, many people, especially VCs, began to sour to the concept. After all, it’s no secret that banner ad rates are pretty darned low. The natural response for many pubs and start-ups was simply Continue Reading →