Arrested Development
This is the week where in TV land, 2013 gets into high gear. The annual International CES happens in Las Vegas, with more than 150,000 people expected, while TV critics across the country travel to Los Angeles for their annual winter meet with programmers. As this pair of events gets underway, here’s a collection of Continue Reading →
Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.
What made this year of television notable, one way or another, notable for me? Let’s count a few of the ways… Best ongoing broadcast TV series: Modern Family (ABC) Everything about this comedy gets smarter, more inventive and truer to life season after season. The comedy standard-setter and breaker for this still young century. Honorable mention: The Good Continue Reading →
Olympics on NBC
Less than a month before NBC’s latest multichannel Summer Olympics exercise from London, it remains anyone’s guess how these games, with thousands of coverage hours spread across more NBC Universal-owned channels, will turn out in viewership. What you can conclude at this point, and we’ll do so in parlance of scoring a baseball game, is Continue Reading →
Tony Awards
Just six million people caught The Tony Awards earlier this month on CBS, continuing the downward rating funk of this jewel on the entertainment awards scene. Of the big four annual network TV award ceremonies – the other three being the Academy, Emmy and Grammy Awards – the Tonys, year-in and year-out, land on the Continue Reading →
Remember the game show 1 vs. 100, where one contestant played against 100 people for a cash jackpot? As the lone contestant built up his/her end of the jackpot (through incredibly inane multiple-choice questions) host Bob Saget (later Carrie Ann Inaba) would call for a decision to play on with this question: Do you want Continue Reading →
There’s a lot of people out there out to create the next generation of television, a fair chunk of them through new TV networks. Witness the more than 100 channel proposals Comcast worked through to come up with four, all independently-owned and operated by people or organizations of color, going on their cable systems between Continue Reading →
Magic Johnson
The journey to the outcome went longer than anticipated, but at last, Comcast has chosen the first players in its new assortment of independently-owned channels cleared among cable affiliates nationwide. The lucky quartet selected for national carriage, in order of their launch dates: BabyFirst Americas, a Latino-centric and managed adaptation of BabyFirst TV, the first Continue Reading →