The Reboot of OpenAI

In a narrative that seems ripped from a tech support forum, OpenAI just unplugged Sam Altman, waited 10 seconds, then plugged him back in. It's the universal tech fix – and it looks like it worked. But since Sam is OpenAI's fourth CEO in as many days, let's not just assume the crazy is over. Continue Reading →


Is Sam going back to OpenAI? It's anyone's guess. (I'm not sure Sam could even answer that question right now.) Continue Reading →

Where’s Sam?

You're the detective in a high-tech game of hide-and-seek, sifting through the digital landscape to find Sam Altman. Welcome to "Where's Sam?" The rules? Who knows? They're making them up as they go along. Continue Reading →
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is set to testify before Congress today, marking a critical juncture in the regulation discourse of AI technology. Central to this conversation is OpenAI's generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT, which has dramatically accelerated AI development, spurring giants like Microsoft and Google to hasten their AI-powered offerings. Continue Reading →