HTML5 is the latest iteration of the standard used by web programmers and developers. When completed in 2014, it will enable developers to write-once-run-anywhere (WORA) for consistent, cross-platform experiences across all operating systems and browsers. For example, a developer could create a single application with identical performance across Facebook, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and all other Continue Reading →
New BlackBerry Phones
Research In Motion unveiled new BlackBerry smartphones to global wireless carriers at a special event in its home base of Waterloo, Ontario but it is still months away from starting to sell them. Smartphones running the new BlackBerry 10 operating system are critical to RIM’s survival but those phones will only be available from early Continue Reading →
A flaw discovered recently in Apple’s iPhone could allow nefarious people to hack SMS messages. According to AdaptiveMobile, the iPhone stands alone with this security hole. AdaptiveMobile tested the exploit in the iPhone and compared it to Android, BlackBery, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. All the other platforms remained secure in their treatment of SMS messages. Continue Reading →
Blackberry / RIM
RIM CEO Thorsten Heins’s interview with the Telegraph on Thursday made headlines for his admission that the company can’t keep up with Apple and Samsung without outside help. But there’s another interesting nugget buried within the interview that didn’t get quite as much attention: Heins says that RIM took a long, hard look at migrating Continue Reading →
Blackberry / RIM
We all love to point and laugh when bloggers and tech writers tell us what massive multi-billion dollar public companies “need to do” to survive, or how they can easily “be saved.” When the writer offering advice is the co-founder and former CEO of a successful public company, however, his advice might at least be Continue Reading →
Blackberry / RIM
A northern California jury recently found that troubled handset-maker Research In Motion infringed upon Mformation Technologies’s patent covering a remote management system for wireless devices. The Waterloo-based company must now pay $147.2 million in damages, Reuters reported. The damages amount to an $8 royalty fee for every BlackBerry that connected to RIM’s enterprise server software Continue Reading →
Blackberry / RIM
The CEO of embattled BlackBerry maker Research in Motion says he isn’t satisfied with the company’s performance, but he’s excited about its prospects with the upcoming BlackBerry 10 system. The past year has been very difficult, Thorsten Heins said during a shareholders meeting in Waterloo, Ontario, on Tuesday. Less than two weeks ago, RIM announced Continue Reading →
Verizon Wireless
Ever feel confused while staring at your cell phone bill? Of course you have. Even I’ve found myself scratching my head looking at bills for my family’s four phones, three tablets and two mobile hotspots.  In an interview this week, Verizon Wireless Director of Pricing Steve Mesnick said the company spoke to over 50,000 customers Continue Reading →