During yesterday's livestream, I made a claim that I could take anyone who uses a computer for work and, in 45 minutes, make them 5-25% more productive at their job. The only prerequisites: a ChatGPT Plus account and WiFi access. Continue Reading →

WFH: My Go-To Video Apps

Video Conferencing Software
Chances are your company already has its preferred video conferencing tools. If not, here’s a list of the tools we’ve been using at The Palmer Group for the past several years. Continue Reading →
Remote Worker
I am working remotely today. In fact, I work remotely every day and have been doing so for the past 20 years. The technologies that enable anyone to work 7/24/365 from anywhere in the world are so commonplace, there’s almost no need to list them (although I will reference a few specific tools I’m fond of in this article). What you need to know is that the sociology of productive remote working is much more difficult to master than the technology. Said differently, learning to work by yourself is harder than you think it is. Here are a few tips and techniques that will unlock your inner badass remote worker skills. Continue Reading →