Chinese officials are said to be in the process of reviewing a ban on gaming consoles that was established in 2000, potentially opening up a massive untapped market for the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, according to China Daily. A source within the Ministry of Culture told the paper: “We are reviewing the policy Continue Reading →
Wii U
Well! That was a surprise. It started slow, but today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast brought absolutely massive news from the Japanese giant, with no fewer than seven new games announced (and one remake). We now know what Nintendo is going to be showing at E3, and what to expect from Wii U this year. Here’s everything Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Just over a month after the Wii U launched in North America, Nintendo is finally adding one of the console’s most unique features in an update later today: TVii. TVii lets you look up your favorite shows or movies, add them to your list of favorites and Continue Reading →
Wii U Controller -- TVii Mode
We’ve been waiting for the Wii U’s cable box/television-controlling TVii features to make it since the system launched late last month. As of Wednesday, it’ll finally be here. But without a few key components. The big omission is DVR capabilities through TiVo. That’s the only way to use the Wii U as a DVR, so Continue Reading →
Wii Fit U Pedometer
Buried amongst Nintendo America’s amusing (and often silly) Direct presentation from today comes news of the next iteration of its popular lifestyle experience: Wii Fit U. Outside of a few brief screens and a very vague first half of 2013 release window, not much is known about the updated title save for one bit — Continue Reading →
In 2010, Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox 360 accessory it said would change the way gamers played. The Kinect was the first motion controlled gaming system that didn’t require a controller, instead allowing players to use their whole body to move the game. While the Nintendo Wii popularized motion controls with its innovative Wii Remotes Continue Reading →
Wii U
Forget all the talk about the unique tablet-turned-gamepad controller in Nintendo’s new Wii U game console. Forget, as well, the highly hyped possibilities of dual-view second-screen gaming. The real triumph of the Wii U is in its advocacy for a nearly lost concept — same-room multiplayer gaming. Yes, a reasonable amount of same-room gaming still Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] We’ve officially begun the holiday season, which means food, fun and family for the next several weeks. But after the food has been eaten, the gifts have been opened and the family wants to watch a movie or show on Netflix or Hulu, how do you make Continue Reading →