MediaBytes 10.26.2007

APPLE found its next commercial for the iPod Touch on YouTube. A lively spot was created by 18-year-old Nick Haley and uploaded to the video-sharing site, where it received a few thousand views. Apple employees saw the ad and had TBWA/Chiat/Day contact the young student. The agency collaborated with him to create a professional, broadcast-ready Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 10.12.2007

CURRENT TV will officially relaunch its website on October 16, and Al Gore has promised that the site will “take interactivity to a new level.” As part of the change, Current TV will drop the “TV” – and simply become “Current.” will act as a user-generated hub, accepting links to news stories, videos, and Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 09.10.2007

WARNER BROTHERS will announce 24 new web productions today, in formats ranging from games to episodic online TV. Projects include a neurotic minivan-driving mother who starts a talk show, a puppet show for adults, and a mockumentary about a digital production studio. About 6 additional projects are in development, including an online dating game. The Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 06.29.07

NEWS CORP. and NBCU announced that Jason Kilar would be CEO of their joint venture into online video. During a conference call, News Corp. COO Peter Chernin backed off claims of a September release for the still-unnamed service, saying it “might not happen” in September. JAMAN, a P2P movie download company that focuses on indie Continue Reading →
The Los Angeles Times Reports: Technophiles predicted that the PDA would go the way of the dinosaurs, and it looks like the prediction is about to come true.   Thanks to the success of the MP3 player generally and the iPod specifically, cell phone manufacturers are turning PDA/phones into music-playing PDA/phones, and wireless carriers are Continue Reading →
Bill Gates
This article appeared in the New York Post.  It’s priceless.  There’s Sabre rattling and then, there’s Sabre rattling.  On a more specific topic, you can be sure that the cell phone purveyors are thinking about a phone-based MP3 world.  But, as history has so often shown — thinking doesn’t mean you going to get it Continue Reading →

NAB Floor Tour 2005

NAB Show
The 2005 NAB/Emmy Advanced Media Floor Tour started with an overview of Motorola’s latest offerings.  AMC member, Marty Stein, showed us why you love to say, “Hello Moto!” Next, AMC member and presenter extraordinaire, Steve Jacobs of Sony, gave us an overview of the world of HD television production Sony style.  HDV cameras, $16,000 filed Continue Reading →
Anton Shilov reports: Motorola, a leading maker of mobile phones, and Skype, a leading Internet telephony company, said this week at 3GSM World Congress that Motorola would launch a lineup of products that are dubbed “Skype Ready,” including cell phones and handsets.   The two companies will explore opportunities broadly across both companies, leveraging Motorola’s Continue Reading →