As a Jobsian supplicant and an Apple acolyte, I really, really want to love the iPad. No one on Earth has made me buy more stuff I don’t need with money I don’t have than Steve Jobs. He’s my hero. One writer who came to visit me in my home office looked around and observed, Continue Reading →
Kindle vs Kindle DX
A bunch of e-readers will be coming to market in the next few months. Each is offering its own brand of ecosystem and a host of features. But right now, if you want an e-reader, the most popular choice is Amazon’s Kindle. So, I thought I would be fun to compare their two offerings, the Continue Reading →
This week Digital Life. What does the Fox/Time Warner Cable deal mean to you? Is there a technological solution to the Christmas bomber terrorist attack? AT&T says plain old telephone service has to go. DirecTV is launching a 3D TV channel. And, why is Ford turning their cars into WiFi hotspots? Plus, are you a Continue Reading →
This week on Digital Life: Playboy for iPhone, AT&T cries uncle. Google‘s got a new dictionary. More on sexting. And, is Facebook privacy an oxymoron? Plus, do you like to watch TV on your computer? I’ll talk with Dina Kaplan, co-founder and coo of about how the pros do it. And, I’ll discuss ecommerce Continue Reading →